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Great Expectations Consulting Services

Great Expectations Consulting Services

We're here to help!

Great Expectations is the leading open source tool for data testing, documentation, and profiling. As an open source project, Great Expectations has a vibrant community where both core contributors and community members provide each other support through channels like Slack and Discuss.

Superconductive, the team behind Great Expectations, offers paid consulting services to organizations that would benefit from closer collaboration with the core Great Expectations engineering team.

Why paid consulting services?

Working with the core Great Expectations team is the best way to guarantee the success of your data quality efforts. We can provide hands-on support to accelerate your technical efforts around deployment, integration and customization. We can also train your team in design patterns, best practices, and collaborative workflows to ensure the sustainability of your data quality efforts across the organization.

Key activities:

We will work closely with stakeholders to understand your data assets and help you create a data quality roadmap that outlines the implementation plan for validating your high priority data assets.

We will deliver hands-on training to a key group of data producers and consumers, including best practices for implementing, maintaining, and using Great Expectations to monitor and communicate data contracts.

If necessary, we will provide hands-on engineering support to deploy an implementation of Great Expectations as a data quality and documentation system in your production environment, including a maintenance and troubleshooting plan.

We will provide on-going support via a dedicated point of contact during the course of the partnership, a clear SLA for responsiveness, and prioritization of bug fixes for any Great Expectations features that are in beta or higher.

We will scope feature requests for Great Expectations and provide guaranteed delivery deadlines for requested features on the Great Expectations product roadmap.

Get in touch

Please reach out to discuss which option would be a good fit for your team. We welcome questions and other inquiries. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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We love the users of Great Expectations and they love us.

We dont' like to brag, but we don't mind letting the Great Expectations community do it for us. Here are a few nice things folks have said about us.

Beau Cronin, Partner at The Data Guild

“Speaking as a long-time data person, this is one of the most exciting products I’ve ever seen. Something I’ve wanted for years without knowing I wanted it. Great Expectations is going to dramatically reshape the way data teams work together.”

Matt Gee, CEO at BrightHive

“BrightHive combines and aggregates data across many state and local government entities. The data is so messy and inconsistent that we couldn’t do what we need to do without a tool like Great Expectations. This product literally makes the rest of my business possible.”

Kamla Kasichainula, Data Engineer at Calm

"Now that we're using Great Expectations we get notified ahead of time when data does not look right, giving us time to investigate and alert data users before they find out themselves"

Elizabeth Sander, Sr. Data Scientist, Civis Analytics

"I wanted to set up my project in a way that someone else would be able to understand what I expected the data to be. GE was really useful for documenting my expectations about the data in a structured way"

Gerry Manoim, Engineer @ Quantopian

“Great Expectations got everybody on the same page on what data should look like. There is a lot less mental overhead of every team member tracking that.”

How to get started using Great Expectations

It is super easy...

Just use pip install:
$ pip install great_expectations
You can also clone the repository, which includes examples of using great_expectations.
$ git clone https://github.com/great-expectations/great_expectations.git
$ pip install great_expectations/
See Documentation